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Why Change your Ear Piece 

How Often Are you using your Earphones?0-4 hours, more? Wait, you do know you're meant to take them out at some point... Right?


 Sharing with Friends


 Yes we all have dont this, wanting to share that oh so catchy song you cant help listening to on repeat. Problem is you could be sharing more than just that song. Ear Infections can be passed via your ear pieces.  

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 Wearing Any Earphone


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 Not to put you off wearing earphones its just another thing to be aware of that wearing any earhones will cause a build up of heat within the ear. So be prepared for ear wax build up. as well as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.



 Pocket Dirt Build up.



 You guessed it, that pocket full of crumbs and dirt build up has covered your earphones whilst it was hidden away inside them. what is that you brushed them off did you?, lets be honest you never really managed it.



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Help how do i prevent this. Simple! you need to keep your earpieces clean and replace them regularly.